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About Lock Five Labradors

winter at lock five

These winter wonderland pictures represent an unusual snowy day at Lock Five Farms. We have moderate winters which means there are very few days we are prevented from pursuing our passion . . . dog training!
wine at lock five
Family and Friends - Long-time friend and "all things bad for you connoisseur" Jim Ripley and David reflecting on the day. "Lock Five Farms is the realization of a dream that plays itself out every morning we wake up. It is a long way from where we started and very close to where we will end. Nothing makes us happier than to share it with our family and friends."

Training and Trials - these pictures reflect our hobby and our passion. We no longer golf, snow ski, play tennis, mow our own yards or anything else we are not good at. We hunt and train Labs. Funny how long it takes people to figure these things out!


Unlike many trainers, we strongly believe that even field trial dogs need and deserve actual time in the field. It renews their focus and adds excitement and purpose to the intense training. Our dogs love to hunt as much as we do, as Keeper clearly demonstrates after some successful duck hunts.


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